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Crinone progesterone gel is a bioadhesive vaginal gel containing micronized progesterone in an emulsion system, which is contained in single use, one piece polyethylene vaginal applicators. The carrier vehicle is an oil in water emulsion containing the water swellable, but insoluble polymer, polycarbophil. The progesterone is partially soluble in both the oil and water phase of the vehicle, with the majority of the progesterone existing as a suspension. Physically, Crinone has the appearance of a soft, white to off-white gel.


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Tallboysalso called stilt walkersare part of an elite unit of the City Watch. They use a suit that is an amalgamation of spindle-legged armatures, which keeps them out of reach of the rats that swarm Dunwall.


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You will find many mobile casinos and gaming websites on the online gaming world but the most sought after are those that offer mobile versions of their games. In fact, this has become the trend for many online casino sites to make money. The free version of their games is being preferred over the paid versions because of these reasons.

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See all 55 photos. At the risk of losing credibility with our readers assuming I had any to begin with. I've done general maintenance, bodywork, welding, complete paintjobs, and even rebuilt a couple of automatic transmissions, but I've never taken an engine apart and put it back together-until now. People I've revealed this to usually have the same reaction: Couldn't you have chosen an easier engine to build than the 4.


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First free mobile application for realistic 3D selfie, developed by VisionLabs. DJ allows to create an accurate 3D model of the face in 2 seconds using only a single photo, made by the camera of mobile device. User can put his 3D model at the body of the robot and upload it from the application straight to social networks - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. How does it look technologically.

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English Language Arts. Classify polynomials through identification of degree and leading coefficient. Graph a polynomial function from a table of values; prove degree using successive differences. Identify features of polynomial functions including end behavior, intervals where the function is positive or negative, and domain and range of function.